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Want to buy a phone card?

  • Pay 20 dollars and talk 500 mins within USA.
  • Widest range of international phone cards.
  • Lowest rates for calls to Europe, Russia, Canada, Israel, Australia, and Japan.
  • Toll free access from any phone in the US.
  • You can get your PINs instantly by E-Mail.
  • Crystal-clear connections, no Internet calls.

3 Easy Steps to Buy a Phone Card!

  • Select Country to search for the Best Rates!
  • Place an Order with Secure Charge On-line!
  • Receive your Cards On-line Instantly!

Latest news

Phone Cards for you

  • 1st-PhoneCard is dedicated to provide you with a variety of cheap phone cards and Automatic Search for the Best calling Rates to a country of your choice.
  • Buy a cheap phone card Online from the comfort of your Home 24 hours a day 7 days a week and make a call from anywhere, anytime.
  • Enjoy High Quality of connection with the Lowest Rates!
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Continental phone card

Continental phone card

The Continental phone card is one of the most versatile cards on the market. Along with the highest quality service and low rates for many destinations, it also has many handy features. It is a refillable card with PIN-less dialing, Speed Dial, PDA-Call, SMS-Call, WEB-Call and Online Call History access. The Continental card stands for functionality and convenience. Read more...

Golden Lotus phone card

Golden Lotus phone card

With its very low rates, the Golden Lotus phone card is the ultimate card for calling to India and other countries in South Asia. But it doesn't end there. This versatile card also lets you call around the globe and to make domestic calls within U.S. and Canada! Use Toll Free Numbers or Local Access Numbers in the USA, Canada and many other countries. It couldn't be easier! And you'll never pay a connection fee. Golden Lotus is a refillable card with PIN-less dialing, Speed Dial and Online Call History access. Read more...

We have largest choice of phone cards!

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PIN-less Dialing Make calls directly from your phones without entering PIN. Register phones using My Account.

Refillable Cards
Refill/Recharge your PIN anytime - add more minutes. Keep your Permanent PIN!

Autorefill Option PIN is automatically refilled when balance is low. To Activate - select autorefill option on the purchase screen

WEB-Call Initiate low-cost international phone calls from a web page! No PIN needed to place a call. No software to download and install.

Send us an SMS text message with a phone number you want to call and we will connect you!

Initiate low-cost phone calls from your PDA or cellphone. No PIN needed!

International calling cards
Reliable source of vast range of prepaid phone cards to all countries of the world

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